Strawberry Sweeties (My top 5)

18 Apr


Oh, am I yearning for Spring? Awaiting the day when the sun shows it’s face for more than a couple hours.

When the strawberries began to form on the plants. The little white flowers a precursor to the juicy fruit still to come.

There are not many things I love more than picking a plump, ripe, warm berry and popping it in my mouth.

So with my thoughts leaning towards the Spring-favored berry, I thought I’d see what kind of creative, fun stuff is inspired by the strawberry.

A countdown of sorts, although it’s pretty difficult placing any of these into ranking order. But here goes……..




( Martha Stewart)


I think these are so cute.

Hanging from a dresser knob or kitchen window would be my preferred way to display these. Or maybe tucked into a rustic basket?




(Stiches In Time Etsy)


Ok, these just make me want to learn to knit! Absolutely adorable!!




( Bakers Royale)


3 ingredients!!! Yep….. Easy as pie! or maybe easy as popsicles! Definitely going to be making these this summer!




( The Purl Bee)


Perfect… just how they are pictured. A sweet little chair on the porch… waiting for somebody to sit down and enjoy the warm summer breeze.




( My Recipes)


Who doesn’t LOVE strawberry jam… homemade strawberry jam… homemade strawberry freezer jam?

So simple and so delicious!


Yes, I know that I’ve already counted down to #1. I just couldn’t help myself. Freezer jam and a quilt………. It’s a TIE!



(Murphy’s House Etsy)


You knew there had to be a quilt in the list somewhere. Love the crisp white contrasting with the bright red and green!


Strawberry Season, could you hurry along now?? I’m so ready for you to arrive!

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Quilt for a boy or a girl?

13 Apr

My little sister who got married last summer is now expecting their first baby this September. I’m beyond excited!

And if you read my last post you would know that I LOVE log cabin quilts and have been contemplating making one.

So with the upcoming birth of a new nephew or niece and my desire to make a log cabin quilt, I decided to get into gear and start creating…

A little boy quilt with brown, green, and tan in a wildlife/forest theme.

So far I like how it’s turning out.

And just in case they end up having a girl, I’ve also been working on something a little bit more feminine.

It feels good to have some projects in the works. Just wish I had more time to devote to them.

I wonder which quilt the baby will be wrapped in?  Boy or girl? Only the Creator knows at this point.


I’ve linked-up with my friend, Terri for Crafty Things Friday. You can hop on over there and see what other crafty things are going on.

Log Cabin Dreams

29 Feb

“As her father and brother constructed the simple, sturdy shelter that might house generations after her, a young girl at her mother’s knee would work her own Log Cabin. It became the quintessential American quilt”1 Sandi Fox

My very favorite quilt block would most definitely have to be the Log Cabin. Swoon.

When I see a quilt done in Log Cabins I fall in love. Like head-over-heals in love!

And for some reason, I have yet to make one. Weird, I know. I always have dreams of making one like this…

One that has an old-fashioned appeal to it. Warm and cozy colors and simple in it’s layout.

This next one is circa 1880. Love the colors. Of course, back then women used whatever scraps they could for their quilts. These fabrics were probably from her husbands shirts and trousers, her worn out dresses and aprons.

And then I see some that leave me awe-struck…

Does the goose quilt just make your heart patter? Oh, if only I had the skills to do that!!

Here are some others that I adore…

Seriously, I think I may just have to get my hiney in gear and get started on one! It’s time to stop dreaming and drooling and Just Do It!


29 Feb

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Simple, Economical and Fast for Valentine’s Day

5 Feb

I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day fan. Maybe it’s because I feel like we just got over Christmas and the “gift-giving” season and now we have to “impress” the ones we love with hearts and chocolates and kisses.

Don’t get me wrong… I know it’s so important to tell the people we love that we love them…. and OFTEN!!

But sometimes I feel like all these “holidays” have only become a scam to get us to buy more, to spend more, to charge more. The heartfelt sentiment behind the whole thing gets lost somehow.

Man, I’m a real sour downer right now, huh?

In my quest to lighten up a little and enjoy the festivities, Kaycie and I decided to check out some valentine ideas.

One thing that tends to be difficult for many kids is the valentine exchange at school. With 20 some classmates to give valentines to, it can be a bit tedious and overwhelming.

We  found some cute ideas that won’t drain the money out of your account and they are unique and fun.

Thought I’d share:

Love these! In fact, these are the valentines that Kaycie has decided to deliver to her classmates. Easy, cheap and unique…….. Yay! Roll up a page from a mad lib book, wrap patterned paper around it and attach a heart with saying on it.

Mad Lib Valentines--

These would be great for the animal lovers in the classroom. Cheap if you can find little plastic animals at the Dollar Store or thrift shop!…

Just get some animal print papers and attach the plastic animals.

Wild About You...

This one would be so easy and quick! X’s and O’s out of scrap paper pieces!

X's and O's...

Ok, I probably wouldn’t do this for an entire class of kids but maybe for the teacher. I just think this is a cool idea… and I just happen to have chicken wire scraps in our shop.

chicken wire heart...

There are hundreds and hundreds of Valentine ideas for kids on the web. So many fun ideas!

What are you planning on sending for school Valentine parties?

Do You Know……….?

4 Feb

… that pink sunrises are breathtaking?

… nothing could be bluer than a sky painted by the Almighty?

… rivers rush to the command of His voice?

… oceans rise up to their boundaries?

… the stars shine for His name?

…the mountains shout His praises?

Just spending some time in awe of Him.

In wonder of His greatness.

Reflecting on His new mercies.

Humbling my heart before Him.

And Winter has Arrived!

30 Jan

January has been an eventful month around here……. weather related!

We all got a little spoiled during December here on the Oregon coast. Sunshine and warm days. We wondered, “Where is Winter?” The rain was not missed or cried over.

But then the New Year hit with a vengeance!

This month has included :

  • Ice
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Power Outages
  • Wind (hurricane forces)
  • Flooding

It’s been a little crazy!!

We live right on the Yaquina River and during the heavy rains and flooding, it was right up to our back yard. It’s a bit unsettling to look out the back door and see a raging river rushing by, trees and debris tumbling by in the waters!

Here are a few snapshots taken during our flooding:

this was early in the day in our back yard. by afternoon it was even higher!

we were keeping an eye on the river level under the bridge. Not much clearance left. Normally the river is probably 25 feet below this bridge!

Trapped!! This is our little road covered with water. We were trapped on both sides of our home with water over the road.

When Winter arrived, it arrived with force!